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Experienced, integrated medication-assisted treatment and primary care for people suffering from opioid addiction.

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South Carolina Primary Care Specialists is a division of Ohio Valley Physicians, headquartered in Huntington, WV – considered to be the “epicenter” of the national opioid crisis. Learn how our medical experts are using this unique experience to bring hope for recovery to South Carolina.


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Brad’s Story

Brad Barnett is a healthy, happy and successful substance abuse therapist – with a beautiful family and a doctoral degree on the horizon. But about eight years ago, he was at “rock bottom” and sitting in a jail cell, after battling for more than a decade...

Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea Carter began her journey to addiction at the age of 12. Then, she says, it was just alcohol and pot. But her abuse of substances shot to a whole new level a few years later when, she says, she met the next love of her life – Oxycontin. Her addiction eventually...

Vanessa’s Success Story

Vanessa is a 37-year-old single mother of two children – and a recovering heroin addict. Her addiction began shortly after the premature birth of our first child when she was prescribed with Percocet to help her with normal post-delivery pain. But that...

Breezy’s Success Story

At just 32 years of age, eastern Kentucky native Breezy Jude already has five children – and has been battling addiction for nearly 20 years. Today, though, Breezy is in recovery – thanks to medication assisted treatment and counseling at Eastern Kentucky...